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Nicotine free and loving it

Dec 19, 2013 by Paul

After 40+ years of smoking, my wife and I have been nicotine free for a month now. Still missing the "hit" from nicotine a little but we discovered that the social and relaxation aspects of enjoying a smoke together are just as real with these e-cigarettes. The simple act of inhaling the vapour also seems to fill that void at the top of the stomach that makes you want to fill up with food and put the weight on. Great product.

Amazing product and service

Oct 20, 2013 by Kerrie

I am a registered nurse and have watched many patients struggle with trying to quit smoking. As a smoker myself I was always keen to see what methods worked for others as my many attempts to quit had failed.

During a shift one evening I observed what I thought was a patient smoking in bed in the ward however it turned out to be an e-cigarette.

I’ve since purchased an iSlide kit and every smoker in my home is now a non-smoker due to this amazing product. I was very skeptical initially but after some research and my own successful use of this product I am now happy to suggest it as a means of quitting smoking to my friends and family.

I initially used nicotine patches to overcome my physical addiction but found that in times of stress I would reach for a cigarette. This product has prevented this and kept my family and I smoke free for some time now.

My concerns about gaining weight from quitting smoking has also been addressed by using the e-cigarette rather than replacing my smoking habit with snacking as I’ve seen so many people do.

To date I have found it a safe and effective means to quit smoking and even more pleasing is the fact that my 19 year old daughter has also successfully quit smoking using this product. The temptation for her to smoke when she goes out with her smoking friends has been eliminated and she can now smoke inside pubs and clubs where her friends are forced to leave the premises to smoke.

The fact that this product contains no nicotine is a bonus and a much healthier option for those trying to quit.

Bill continues to provide us with a professional, friendly and excellent service and I am happy to recommend his organization and his product to smokers looking for a means to quit.

Free at last

Jul 19, 2013 by Maria Ward

My husband and I have been using your product for 3 months now. Not only have we been able to completely stop smoking but our taste buds are improving. But the BEST part is that our sense of smell has returned and neither of us realised how horrible cigarette smell is! Thank you so so much - you have also saved my husbands life - he had to have a triple heart by-pass this week and the fact that we had stopped smoking allowed the surgery to go ahead and he has had no complications.

Response: Thanks Maria - Glad we were able to help

Both of us quit - never thought we would

Jun 14, 2013 by Allan

My wife and I have been on these since 28 Feb this year (2013). The initial plan was to change from normal ciggies to these e-cigs over a few weeks. But the quality, ease of use and taste made it very easy to do over a few days instead. We were 30+ smokes a day each, so used the strong tobacco cartomizers. We haven\'t looked back. Bill is very easy to communicate with, and any problems are handled and solved directly. I would not hesitate to recommend to anyone to give these a try, to give up \"Normal\" smokes. If I can do it, anyone can. - from Allan - Bundamba

Response: Thanks Allan for your kind words

How good is this

Jun 14, 2013 by William

these aussie-e-cigarettes are just sensational - have not had a smoke for 10 weeks since i started using my electronic cigarettes - the service is great and the taste is the same as having a normal cigarette - to all those smokers out there think about quitting it is dead set easy using an electronic cigarette
I have tried a couple of different cheaper brands before i found the aussie-e-cigarettes and these are by far the best by miles
thanks William

Response: Thanks William for your imput

Thank You

Jun 14, 2013 by Robyn Lowe

I am 13 weeks cigarette free thanks to Aussie E Cigarettes. I had previously smoked real cigarettes for 40 years. They replace that draw back hit and the hand to mouth thing all we smokers have. I can\'t stand the smell of cigarette smoke in the air or on peoples breath now. It is way cheaper than smoking, and isn\'t going to harm my health. Bill is extremely helpful and very patient, he always is at hand on his mobile phone.
My daughter is now using the Aussie E Cigarettes and has been smoke free for 12 weeks after smoking for 10 years- Robyn of Brisbane

Response: thanks Robyn - glad you and your daughter are succeeding in kicking the habit and thanks for the kind words Bill

Loved it

Jun 12, 2013 by Samantha

My husband and i love the e ciggies we havent had a normal cigarette for 3 weeks. I’m also letting everyone i know how good they are they are all interested so hopefully soon you should have an influx of orders.

Response: thanks Sam

Aussie e Cigarettes , USA 5.0 5.0 7 7 After 40+ years of smoking, my wife and I have been nicotine free for a month now. Still missing the "hit" from nicotine a little but we discovered that the social and relaxation a
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